The Governing Body has set up the committees listed below to assist it in the governance of the School. Membership is supplemented by some of the principal officers of the School and by others with appropriate specialist knowledge. All these committees report regularly to the Governing Body and their terms of reference are reviewed annually.

  • Arnold Foundation Board. Raising funds for the Arnold Foundation for Rugby School through advice on individuals, companies and trusts and through donations and support.

  • Bursaries Committee. The award of scholarship augmentations and grants on the basis of assessed financial need.

  • Collections Committee. Identifies catalogues and protects such works of art, artefacts or other items or collections of historical and/or educational merit as may be in the possession of the School.

  • Finance and Audit Committee. Financial policy and general operations in relation to the running of the School.

  • Investment Committee. Management and administration of non-property investments. The Governing Body has agreed that the School's investment portfolio be managed on a discretionary basis by its Investment Managers, subject to policies and objectives that the Governing Body establishes from time to time having regard to the Investment Committee's recommendations.

  • London Estate Committee. Management and administration of property assets in London.

  • Nominations Committee. Review of Governing Body membership, including recommendations of individuals who might be co-opted to the Governing Body.

  • Pensions Committee. Consideration of developments in relation to pensions and the associated implications for the School's pension schemes, including the periodic review of costs and liabilities associated with these pension schemes.

  • Compliance & Risk Committee

  • Student Pastoral Welfare Committee