450th Anniversary Golf Day

450th Anniversary Golf Day
14th July 2017

As part of the year of celebration of the 450th anniversary of the foundation of Rugby School, the Old Rugbeian Golfing Society (ORGS) was asked to organise a golf day, which was held on Friday 14th July at New Zealand Golf Club, Addlestone, Surrey.

62 golfers (some members of the ORGS, some not) enjoyed a golf course in fine condition, in good golfing weather (dry and warm enough, but not too warm to be uncomfortable) with the advantage of an excellent lunch between rounds.  The format was, as is the ORGS tradition, foursomes (that is, two players play one ball taking alternate shots) with prizes for the morning round, the afternoon round and overall score for the day. The Rugbeians present were indeed diverse in age, one player joining the School in 1948 and two in 2011, some 63 years of age apart.

It was pleasing that the Chairman of New Zealand Golf Club joined us as our guest for the day.  Mark Burnyeat’s father and grandfather were Rugbeians, although he was denied a Rugby education (to go somewhere “near to Slough”).  The President of the Club, Harry Turcan, a past pupil also played.

Details of the prize winners is below, but a special mention for Melville Guest who, playing with an injured partner, played all the tee to green shots recording an excellent 25 stableford points coming home.

Morning round:
Winners: Melville Guest & Martin Lee-Warner; 2nd: Henry Fox & Tim Watts; 3rd: Simon Kennedy & Niall Kennedy.

Afternoon round:
Winners: Tim Watts & Mark Burnyeat; 2nd equal: Clive Pickerill & Jon Siddall and Simon Beazley & Richard Caley; 3rd equal: Spencer Burnham & Richard Lloyd, Ted Rose & Christopher Johnson-Gilbert.

Overall winner:
Winner: Tim Watts; 2nd: Clive Pickerill; 3rd equal: Jon Siddall, Ted Rose, Richard Lloyd and Simon Beazley. 

House Prize (aggregate of best three scores):
Winner: Michell (Simon Beazley, Jamie Clark and Ted Rose)
Runner-up: School Field (Niall Kennedy, Simon Kennedy and Charles Walker)

Photos from the day can be viewed below.



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