• To introduce students to the wealth of image making since photography’s early days through to the diversity of contemporary image making.

  • Give students an understanding of the creative process and the historical context in the way images are created.

  • Introduce a variety of image making methods using traditional & digital techniques.

  • Consider the ordinary and making something extraordinary out of it.

  • Extend creative thinking, exploring ideas and experimentation beyond the obvious.

  • Develop a sound understanding of the issues, surrounding photography.


Two-year Cambridge Pre-U Lens-based Imagery/Photography, made up of three parts:

  1. The Portfolio which consists of experimental work, short and medium length projects, series of outcomes, sketchbooks documenting research & development.

  2. The Personal Study - an illustrated 3000 word in-depth study looking at an aspect of photographic history, practice to be agreed via a written proposal with Cambridge Pre U.

  3. The Project - externally set assignment, combining by Cambridge Pre U.




Mrs A. K. Farrelly, B.Sc.