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Contact us and Fees


Our team, led by the Admissions Registrar, Guy Steele-Bodger, is here to help with your application, please do call us or email about any questions you have.


13+ boarding visits, open days and Scholarships

If your enquiry is about a 13+ boarding entry visit, 13+ boarding open days or a 13+ Scholarship application, please contact:

Sharon Mabey – 01788 556274


13+ boarding application process

If you would like help with a 13+ boarding entry application or the assessment procedure, please contact:

Michelle Humphrey – 01788 556275


13+ day entry visits, applications, Foundation Awards and the Arnold Foundation

If your enquiry is about 13+ day entry visits, applications and assessment, Foundation Awards or the Arnold Foundation, please contact:

Becky Witcomb – 01788 556267


16+ entry visits, open days and applications

If you would like more information about 16+ entry visits, our open days, applications or assessment, please contact:

Claire Shrimpton – 01788 556276


For prospectus enquiries, registration and 13+ boarding visits

If you would like to request a prospectus, register
a place, or organise a 13+ boarding visit, please contact:

Hayley Chaplow – 01788 556115


Our correspondence address is:

Admissions Office, Rugby School, Temple House,
1 Barby Road, Rugby CV22 5DW



Boarder £12,818 per term
Day Pupil £8,042 per term

Registration Fee:

£250 (except those applying for Foundation or Arnold Foundation Awards).

Entrance Fee:

£1,250 (except those applying for Foundation, or Arnold Foundation Awards).

Overseas Deposit:

One term’s fees in advance. (Payable in addition to the Entrance Fee by parents of pupils whose normal residence is outside the United Kingdom).

Family Discount:

5 per cent discount on net termly fees for a third child at Rugby. 7.5 per cent discount on net fees for fourth (and subsequent) child at Rugby.

We ask families interested in admission to the School to register using the Registration Form included with the Prospectus package. A non-returnable fee of £250, payable to Rugby School, is charged on registration.

About 18 months before entry parents are asked to pay the Entrance Fee of £1,250. Payment of this Fee constitutes on the parents’ part, a pledge that Rugby is their first choice of School.
Further information on fees and other charges may be obtained from the Fees Administrator