International Applicants

Your child’s English language must be good enough for them to thrive academically and socially from the first day. We recommend you provide us with a UKiset report as soon as possible during the application process and before the closing date. The UKiset is an adaptive cognitive test measuring underlying ability and language proficiency. For more information please visit

Please then refer to the boarding entry process (on page 3) which is the same as for UK residents. If you live overseas you must appoint a guardian in the UK for your child. The guardian will have authority to act on behalf of you if necessary and make arrangements for time away from School and travel.

AT 13+ (YEAR 9)

We expect applicants to attend interviews at Rugby School from Year 7.

AT 16+ (YEAR 12)

We expect applicants to attend our entrance tests and interviews here at Rugby School and will do our best to schedule Scholarship interviews the following day. If your normal residence is outside the UK we will require payment of an overseas deposit.