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Individual Visit Itineraries

We are very pleased to arrange individual visit itineraries for families interested in 13+ Boarding, 13+ Day and 16+ Entry

A typical itinerary will include a meeting with the Admissions Registrar, a tour of one or two Houses hosted by the Hm, including lunch, and a tour of some of the campus

The Admissions Registrar gives two pieces of standard advice:

  1. that the focus of a visit should be to find the right School first and only then the right House; in truth, if Rugby will be the right School we are confident that any child will be able to be equally happy  and well served in any of the Houses.
  2. that children younger than Year 6 are likely to find the campus very large; any visit will involve quite a lot of walking.

Upcoming Open Events

We warmly welcome you to the events listed below which are aimed at families interested in 13+ entry in 2022, 2023 and 2024.

Open Events in 2022:

13+ Boarding Open Days

  • 14 May
  • 21 May
  • 1 October
  • 12 November
  • 26 November

13+ Day Entry Open Evenings

  • 26 April
  • 11 October

16+ Entry Open Days

  • 11 June
  • 17 September


An Indivisible Whole

Enquiries and Individual Visit Requests

For all enquiries about individual visit itineraries and Open Events please contact our Admissions team who will be delighted to help you:

13+ Boarding Visits, Open Days and Scholarships
13+ Boarding Application Process
13+ Day Entry Visits, Applications, Foundation Awards and the Arnold Foundation
16+ entry visits, open days and applications
For prospectus enquiries, registration and 13+ boarding visits