450 USA Global Pass

After circumnavigating much of the Globe, the Global Pass finally landed on America's shores on July 27th after a formidable kick from Australia to Los Angeles.

The response from Rugbeians was so great throughout North America that it presented the logistical challenge of how to get the ball around the enormous distances of the United States and Canada within the mere four weeks allocated by now legendary UK organizers Matthew Hodder-Williams (SH 88-93) and Toby Marsh (SH 88-93).  It seemed as though almost every Rugbeian in Canada was going to participate, and Rugbeians in thirteen US cities signed up.  So this will be a lengthy post.

View the photos from passes below.

450 Global Pass California

450 Global Pass Denver, Boston, New York, Washington, Atlanta and Palm Beach

450 Global Pass Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Cincinnati, Nashville and Rugby TN