450 Global Pass California

In LA David Charlton (St 76-81) first picked up the ball and ran with it down to Carlsbad (San Diego) where the first pass on American sand was smartly executed on South Ponto Beach, by Clive Walden (C 55-59) with Carlsbad lifeguard 'Shey' of the local Junior Lifeguard program and, apparently, a passionate rugby football fan.  You will note the smile on Clive's face that suggests he was recently rescued from the surf by Shey.

David then appeared to paddle the ball (check out the video below) much of the way back up the Left Coast to Alec Hudnut (W 82-83) on the Santa Monica Pier, then to Beverly Hills to Jason Humphries (K 83-86), Catherine Wu (G 04-06), Tiffany Lonsdale-Hands (RB 97-99), Tim Gledhill (SF 90-95) and Russell Simpson (Sh 94-99), joined by David.  The ball was punted 'over' the famed Hollywood sign, demonstrating the LA talent for virtual reality.

Up then to San Francisco where a large crowd of Rugbeians and friends passed the ball at the Golden Gate Bridge.  To the left of Peter Harding (W 40-44) holding the ball (from left to right) David Harding (W 72-76), Tom Ziola (SF 71-72), Peter Gray (SF 84-89), and to the right of Peter, Michael Whitcomb (SH 70-74), Bastian Koch (K 96-01), Charles Cockerton (T 89-94), James Olliver (M 12-17), Ian Burditt (W 72-76) and Henry Woodruff (SF 99-04).  Niklas Yoho (M 12-17) joined shortly thereafter.



Next on to Denver, Boston, New York, Washington, Atlanta and Palm Beach