450 Global Pass Chicago, Minneapolis/St.Paul, Cincinnati, Nashville and Rugby TN

Meanwhile, the Chicago Ball landed on North Avenue Beach, gripped possessively by Dennis Wen (SH 75-78), Tom Chadwick (St 79-83), John Millichap (SH 88-93) and Amy Lokuciejewska (St 99-01).  Then a dutiful visit to Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, for some pre-match 'tailgaiting.  Since our Chicago Rugbeians said no more about the game, the Cubs must have lost.  Or they never got past the 'tailgating.

Brian Ip (C 75-80) and Rob Priddy (T 90-95) took charge in Minneapolis, executing superb passes at the famed Stone Arch Bridge (the only stone bridge over the entire Mississippi, since you asked!).  I had the pleasure of biking with Rob two weeks thereafter on the 450 Ride in Sonoma/Napa.

Francis Oglethorpe (SH 74-78) did the honors in Cincinnati.  Check out the great photo of Francis with his two sons - looks like there's a full scrum in the Oglethorpe household!

And on to Nashville, the home of country music and playground of our own Kate Chestnut (St 04-05), pictured with her parents.  Look at the photos of Kate mingling with the stars at the Grand 'Ol Opry: who knew those country music legends loved Rugby football! That looked like so much fun I think we should HQ our 500th celebration at the Paradise Park Trailer Resort and Rippy's Bar & Grill down in Nashville.

And the final stop, fittingly, in Rugby, Tennessee.  As we all know, Rugby TN was a utopian community founded by Thomas Hughes in 1880, probably drawing on his memories of utopian Rugby, Warwickshire.  En route, Kate confused a herd of Black Angus with the All Blacks, went on to pose with the Rugby TN staff and touched the ball down on the library desk of Thomas Hughes.  I could hear Tom Brown cheer, and Flashman sneer...