450 Global Pass Denver, Boston, New York, Washington, Atlanta and Palm Beach

The ball then mysteriously sub-divided into three balls:  one north over the border to Vancouver for the Canadian Pass, one to Denver and one to Chicago.  Andrew Clark (SH 75-80) heroically sheparded the Denver ball from a downpour of biblical proportions that washed out the Rocky Mountain Pass, and punted it across the continent to Bisman Sethi (G 08-12) for a pass with Richard Carter (T 80-85) in front of George Washington's statue on Boston Common.

The 'Denver Ball' moved from Boston to New York City where we were joined by newly minted Rugbeian Mariella Satow (Tu 17-.) with parents Robert (C 73-77) and Suzanne, ably assisted by Helen Mortimer (St 99-01), Colin Leinster (T 53-57), Marcus Burrows (St 74-76), Mark Johnson-Hill (St 80-85), Peter Middlemas (SH 88-93) and your correspondent (SH 68-72).  After a full day that began early with a ferry ride past the Statue of Liberty, then by subway uptown to the United Nations, Times Square and Central Park, the team moved into Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel to rehydrate.  Check out the NYC video below and the surprise(d) honorary Rugbeians who joined our Pass.

Washington DC offered a plethora of iconic sites for the DC pass, masterfully orchestrated by Louise Holland (D 78-80) wearing a very stylish Rugby jersey and joined by, from the left Nick Holland (Old Radlian and Honorary Rugbeian), Chris Betts (C 84-89) and Neville Turner (B 49-53).  Take a look at the passes on the Mall, at the Capital and the Pentagon.  The White House was bypassed this year.

The Ball went on to Atlanta for a pass at the Martin Luther King Memorial by Michael Edmeades (SH 67-71) and son Henry (descendant of many Rugbeian generations).  Finally, the Denver Ball left our shores after passing through the hands of Willie Surtees (St 61-65) in Palm Beach.  Willie, many will recall, was Captain of the XV back in the day and later a Rackets World Champion.  Pursued by paparazzi, the glamorous Mr. and Mrs Surtees found themselves the highlight of an article in the Palm Beach Post devoted to the Global Pass - check it out.  Many thanks, Willie and Pam - we couldn't buy advertising that good!


Next on to Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Cincinnati, Nashville and Rugby TN