About the Foundation

Since 2003 it has been our ambition to transform the lives of boys and girls from some of the country's most deprived communities by providing them with a boarding education at Rugby School.

Amongst the 123 Arnold Foundation students who have benefited to date, there are now accountants, a doctor and a journalist.  Others are studying at or have graduated from Russell Group universities including Oxford and Cambridge.  Our 34 current Arnold Foundation students are working hard, preparing for public exams and participating in all that life at Rugby School has to offer.  All have emerged as confident and ambitious young people.

The work our Arnold Foundation students are doing to support others in their home communities unlocks more potential.  The example they set in proving that capable and positive young people from all backgrounds can thrive at Rugby School and at university raises their friends' ambitions.

They will make a substantial contribution to our society.


Our aim is simple.  We want to send children from every part of society out to the best universities and then into a world in which they are outstanding.

You will find out on this website information about how we have pursued these aims, news from our Arnold Foundation Ambassadors and information about how you can become involved in our important work.