Wroxall Celebration and Reunion Lunch

On Saturday 14 May, the sun shone down on the Collingwood Centre as 120 former pupils, teachers, Headmistresses and other staff of Wroxall Abbey gathered for a reunion to celebrate the launch of the Wroxall Abbey Bursary made possible by a generous gift from the Wroxall Abbey Trust to the Arnold Foundation for Rugby School.

Old photos and memorabilia were shared and there were many comments (and a few groans) when an appearance was made by an old school skirt.  All present enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with friends and relive forgotten memories.  We were joined by Elizabeth Millman who attended the Laurels School when it was located in Rugby and before the relocation to the Wroxall Abbey site.  Her photos, drawings and memories of her time at the Laurels were fascinating and we were delighted she was able to attend on this very special day.  Below are photos from the day.