Arnold Foundation Lunch


We were thrilled to welcome Michael Mather (C 06-08) back to the School on Saturday 9 September for our Annual Arnold Foundation Lecture.  He is the first former Arnold Foundation pupil to give this annual talk and we thought it particularly fitting that he should do so during our Anniversary year.  Titled ‘So, you want to be a surgeon’, Michael spoke passionately about Rugby and the Arnold Foundation’s role in his own path to becoming a doctor while giving an overview of his research interest, inspiring many of the pupils (and future medics) that were present.   


The lecture was quickly followed by our Arnold Foundation lunch, held to thank donors and those who have pledged to remember the School in their Will.  Those donors attending the lunch were particularly grateful to have the opportunity to speak with Arnold Foundation Ambassadors, current Arnold Foundation pupils and tutors.  Two current Arnold Foundation pupils spoke eloquently