Making a Gift

The Arnold Foundation is funded entirely through voluntary donations and we rely on the generosity of our community to ensure the success of our programme.

With your gift, more children will benefit from a Rugby School education. Give now to help make Rugby accessible for those children who have the talent but not the means.

Generous donations exceeding £25.4 million to date have so far enabled 145 students to benefit directly from a fully funded boarding place here at Rugby. This enormous and inspirational investment has enabled us to share our outstanding learning and living environment with youngsters who are determined to succeed, but do not have the funds to access a boarding place.

Investing in the Arnold Foundation provides a key to open our doors to every girl and boy, from whatever life background, and provide an opportunity for them to shine, because at Rugby, the whole person is the whole point.

Please help more children turn their spark into a shining light.

Make a gift online

Give now to help make Rugby accessible for those children who have the talent but not the means.


1567 Regular Giving

Regular giving is so important to the School and helps us plan. It helps us plan and we receive gifts of between £5 and £500 each month. When grouped together with other regular gifts, your donation is an important part of funding a student's progress through the School. 

Please download and print our donation form to set up a regular gift. This can be sent to our free post address at: Freepost Plus RYTH-KAGA-LXUY, The Development Office, Rugby School, Lawrence Sheriff Street, Rugby CV22 5EH

Alternatively, please contact Christina Kotsani at to set up your regular donation.

100 per cent of your gift goes directly towards funding a place for an Arnold Foundation student.


Legacy Giving

You will find more information about leaving a gift in your will at if you will, they can


Overseas Tax Efficient Giving

It may be possible to make a tax efficient gift for those living in the USA, Hong Kong, Canada, and most of Europe.


Visit the American Friends of Rugby School for information on how to make a tax efficient gift to the Arnold Foundation Challenge.

Contact the Development Office for more information about giving in Canada.

Hong Kong

Visit the Hong Kong Friends of Rugby School for information about giving in Hong Kong.


Visit the Transnational Giving Europe website to see if your country is eligible for tax efficient giving. Just click on your country and contact the organisation mentioned at the bottom of the document to get instructions on how to give tax efficiently. Please quote The Arnold Foundation for Rugby School as your chosen charity.


Higher Rate Tax

Donations to charity in the UK are tax free. This means that as a higher rate tax payer, you can claim back the additional tax that you have already paid on the gift at the end of the relevant tax year.


Gift Aid

Gift Aid will increase the value of your donation and could reduce the cost to you. An example of the net cost at various levels of giving is as follows:

For example, a donation of £50 a month is worth £600 at the end of the year, after claiming Gift Aid, this will be worth £750 for the Arnold Foundation. If you pay 40 per cent tax, you can personally claim back £150.

This means a donation that is worth £750 to the Arnold Foundation will only cost you £450.

Please find more information here