1567 Regular Giving

One way you can make a meaningful contribution is by making a regular gift over a period of time. Many people have chosen to give this way and over 180 donors have signed up to the 1567 Regular Giving programme.

Why regular giving?

Regular giving is so important to the School. Since the process for recruiting our Arnold Foundation students must start at least one year in advance of entry, it means we can plan year on year the funds we have available for their places.

1567 Regular Giving?

Rugby School was founded in 1567 following a generous bequest from Lawrence Sheriff.

1567 Regular Giving is an affordable means for all Rugbeians, including past and present parents, and friends of Rugby School to get involved. Through the programme we receive gifts of anywhere between £5 and £500 a month.

Every monthly gift received, particularly when grouped together with other regular gifts, can go a long way towards funding a student's progress through the School.

By donating tax effectively the net cost to you, the donor, of supporting a student will be reduced considerably. An illustration of the net cost at various levels of giving is as follows:

Amount donated (£) Annual cost to donor
paying higher rate tax (net £)
Benefit to the Foundation (gross £)
Per month Per annum 40% 45% Per annum
20 240 180 165 300
50 600 450 413 750
100 1200 900 825 1,500

Complete the Donor Form to make a regular, monthly contribution.

For more information contact Alix Morley at the Development Office:
Alix Morley
Head of Campaigns
Development Office, 6 Horton Crescent, Rugby, CV22 5DJ
Telephone:  01788 556 139