Saqlain Choudray

Saqlain is already an active Ambassador for the Arnold Foundation, having recently spoken at our 15th Anniversary Celebration at the Royal Society and often returning to the School to celebrate achievements or offer advice.  He is currently studying Physics at Imperial College, London and credits the School with giving him the confidence to follow his passion.

“It seems strange to think of my most memorable achievements whilst at school, as although I succeeded academically, it is my sporting achievements that mean the most to me. The new challenges of the sports field excited me and like all things in my life I wanted to become outstanding in them. I began in the U14B team, but I refused to accept mediocrity and through help from my cricket coaches, and my cricket-mad Housemaster, I ended my time at School by playing in the annual Rugby vs Marlborough fixture at Lords in honour of Rugby’s 450th anniversary.

“Boarding life gave me a strong sense of my own values and character. It granted me the ability to communicate with people from all facets of life. It allowed me the opportunity to become the best possible version of myself.

“I began to see education as a pursuit of curiosity and not a merely a tool to progress in life.

“To the donors, and by extension the School itself, I would like to thank you for your continued support of young boys and girls like myself. It is truly an impossible task to quantify how momentous an experience Rugby School is for us and how formative it is for our characters. The impact of your efforts goes deeper than grades, medals and awards. It is permanently engraved into our character and life can be forever considered pre-Rugby and post Rugby. To provide someone with the option to be an active participant in the direction of their own lives is truly a priceless gift.”