Partner Organisations

A key feature of our programme is a proven ability to find the right students, and commitment to long-term pastoral engagement.   

At Rugby, we want to help those who stand to gain the most from a boarding education and who can later become role models and leaders within their own communities. We work principally with partner organisations which are educational charities or maintained schools in inner-city areas, dealing first-hand with issues of social exclusion, underachievement and whose leaders share our commitment to raise aspirations.  

The established alliances with IntoUniversity and the Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy are flourishing.  IntoUniversity currently operates from 24 centres across London, Nottingham, Bristol, Oxford, Brighton, Leeds and Southampton.  Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy (EYLA) is based in Forest Gate in the East End of London.  We also have partnerships with schools in the maintained sector including Hawick High School in the Borders of Scotland.

Working with our partners has been central to our success and has enabled us to reach out to young people for whom boarding is a remote concept.  These organisations help in identifying suitable candidates and are fully involved in the whole application process.

Importantly, they provide support in the holidays and the transition between school and home is carefully managed.  Arnold Foundation students act as role models so the impact of our work goes beyond the students themselves and the aspirations of family members and members of their local community have been raised.   

Royal National SpringBoard Bursary Foundation

SpringBoard was inspired by the Arnold Foundation for Rugby School and was established in 2012 following an extensive evaluation of the scalability of the Arnold Foundation model to a national level.  SpringBoard helps eligible children and young people to transform their lives by supporting them through boarding schools.