Re-opening FAQs

We've answered your questions below, but if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


Is it safe to come back to the Sports Centre?

Yes. We have worked extremely hard to ensure that we can minimise risk of infection whilst using our facilities.

We’ve implemented enhanced cleaning measures and will be checking individuals’ temperatures on entry.

What are your enhanced cleaning measures?

We will be asking all customers to sanitise their hands-on arrival to the centre and throughout the centre during your visit.

We ask that all customers clean the equipment they use before and after use.

We will increase cleaning throughout the centre after each session.

Will you be providing hand sanitiser?

Yes. We have installed permanent hand gels in key areas throughout for both customers and staff. There will be one at the entrance which customers will need to use on arrival.

Will staff be wearing PPE?

It will be mandatory for staff to wear PPE during all cleaning tasks and when providing first aid.

We have also installed plastic screens at reception.

What social distancing measures will be in place?

We have signage throughout the centre to help us maintain social distancing. This includes floor markers, directional signage for our one-way system and capacity numbers.

To avoid overcrowding, we have implemented capacity on our gym and swimming pool.

All activities will need to be pre-booked to help us manage total numbers in the centre.

Capacities have been reduced for all our classes and some have been moved to alternative areas to help with social distancing.

There will be less equipment available in the gym to help maintain social distancing.

To avoid overcrowding, our dryside changing rooms will be closed until further notice. Our wetside changing rooms will be available for swimming but our showers will remain closed. This means swimmers will need to arrive ‘beach ready’ and pat dry following their swim session.


Is there a time limit on my visit to the gym?

Yes. All sessions will be no more than 60 minutes, so that everyone can use the facilities. This will mean that you can only partake in one activity per day. For example, you cannot book a gym in the session and then the pool.

What should I bring with me?

Please bring the minimal with you. We ask you to come dressed ready in your workout gear and the changing rooms are closed.

Sweat towels will not be permitted into the gym.

We ask you to bring a full water bottle as our water fountains will be out of action.

Don’t forget your bank card if you need to make a payment – we cannot accept cash.

If you have booked a yoga or pilates class, we ask that you bring your own mat.

What time can I arrive for my class or gym sessions?

We ask you to not arrive any earlier than 5 minutes before the start of your booked session. This will help us maintain social distancing.

I usually train with a friend, can this still happen?

For social distancing, you may need to adapt your training session. For example, equipment should not be shared it will need to be cleaned, you also will not be able to ‘spot’ each other or share weights.

Will I be able to continue with personal training sessions?

Yes, under social distancing. If social distancing cannot be maintained the Personal Trainer will wear a face mask.

I bought some Personal Training sessions that are due to expire, will you extend them?

Yes, we will extend all personal training sessions by the total number of days we were closed.


Will I need to book my swim session?

Yes, all sessions will need to be booked in advance.

Is there a time limit on my visit to the pool?

Yes. All sessions will be no more than 60 minutes, so that everyone can use the facilities. This will mean that you can only partake in one activity per day. For example, you cannot book two swim sessions.

Will you have specific swim sessions such as members, public, ladies only etc?

All swim sessions will be general swim sessions. We have introduced members only sessions, however do note members have priority booking.

What about family swim or children swimming?

We will not be running family swim until further notice. Children are permitted to swim but please do bear in mind it is lane swimming only. Anyone on our swim programme who is a Goldfish or higher should be comfortable for lane swimming.
We'd like to remind you that due to the prolonged period of time your child has been out of the pool, we'd recommend to approach your first swim sessions with caution and bring your own swimming aids. This is to ensure a safe swim session.

How will the pool be set up?

We will have the pool set up in 3 double lanes for general lane swimming only. It is unlikely we’ll be able to operate our usual slow, medium, and fast lanes as the sessions aren’t booked on ability.

Will my child be able to borrow any swim aids?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer loaning of equipment. If your child require swimming aids, it is imperative that you bring your own equipment for  safe swim session.


Will swim lessons be continuing?

Yes we are resuming lessons for our Autumn Term. All swimmers have been contacted via email.

I bought some private swimming lessons that are due to expire, will you extend them?

Yes, we will extend all private swimming lessons by the total number of days we were closed.

My child was enrolled onto the Spring Term which we paid for in advance, what happens?

If you have paid upfront for swimming lessons, we shall arrange a credit for the unused lessons since closure for the remainder of the term when we reopen. If you would like a refund, please email If you pay via direct debit, the credit will be applied to your monthly direct debit.


Squash can be played in normal play with upto 5 other players in a 'squash bubble'. A lead player must declare who is in the bubble for our records.

Competitive play and leagues are not currently permitted.

Only two players within your bubble are allowed to attend at any time within.

Badminton can be played singles and doubles with people from different households as long as you can remain 2 metres apart as far as possible. This means that 4 people from different households. Those aren't playing will need to socially distance off-court and without encroaching onto the next court.

Competitive play and leagues are not currently permitted.

You can no longer play in groups of upto 6 players - there is a maximum of 4 persons per court.

Tennis can be played with people outside your household in singles and double as long as social distancing is maintained. Meaning that four people from different households can play doubles. Those aren't playing will need to socially distance off-court and without encroaching onto the next court.

Table tennis can only be played in singles, unless you are playing doubles with people from the same household or bubble. Players can form a 'bubble' with upto 5 other players. A lead player must declare who is in the bubble for our records.

You can no longer play in groups of upto 6 players - there is a maximum of 4 persons per court.

Anyone found not adhering to these guidelines will be warned and managed by our 2 strike system.

Can I hire racquets?
Until further notice racquet and ball/shuttlecock hire will be not be permitted. You will need to bring your own equipment with you.


Will sports such a netball, hockey and gymnastics resume?

Yes these sports can resume and we are following sporting body guidance for all. Should you have any questions regarding these sports, please contact us.

Please note indoor football is not permitted.

I have a contract of hire with yourselves, can this resume?

We have contacted all of our hirers to advise of our safety measures and bookings. We'd be happy to discuss your bookings moving forward.


How do I book my sessions with you?

Members can book upto 7 days in advance for all activities.

Non-members can book upto 3 days in advance for all activities.

Bookings can be made via telephone on 01788 556 281 or online.

Currently only one activity per day is permitted. You are not permitted to book multiple activities i.e two swim, gym or court bookings per day. You can however book a swim and a gym session in one day.


When will my membership restart?

As soon as we reopen, your membership will resume, and you’ll be able to use our facilities from this day.

If I pay by direct debit, when will this be paid?

As soon as we know our reopen date, we shall write to you to advise.

I have paid my membership upfront; will my membership be extended?

Yes, we will extend your membership by the total number of days we have been closed.

I am not ready to return yet, what are my options?

For those still shielding or just not ready to come back, you can continue to freeze your membership. Please note those who pay direct debit are unable to freeze indefinitely, we will need to process an end date. Please email us on by the 15th of the month to freeze for the 1st of the following month.

Can I cancel my membership?

If this is due to covid19, we would advise you to freeze your membership. However, if you feel it's best to cancel please write to us on and we shall process in accordance to your membership terms and conditions.

I have cancelled my direct debit, but I’d like to resume my membership, what do I do?

You will need to complete a new direct debit mandate for us to resume direct debit collection.

I am over 70 years old; can I still use the centre?

If you have not been advised to shield by the NHS – absolutely!


Am I required to wear a face covering?

We are asking our members and visitors to wear a face covering before and after your activity. Face coverings are not to be worn whilst exercising as this will affect your breathing. It will also promote the growth of micro-organisms.

For those attending junior swimming lessons at Bilton Grange School, you must wear a face covering.

Children under the age of 11 are exempt.

Does the latest government guidance of the 'rule of six' affect the centre?

While social gatherings of more than 6 people are banned from 14 September, the government has confirmed that organised team sports and activities can continue.

We are so pleased that this means our current activities, gym, classes and swim school remain unaffected.

However, it does mean that our customers must not arrive socially in groups of more than 6.              

Will you be running social events such as coffee mornings etc?

Until further notice, there will be no social events at the centre. We shall keep you updated if this changes.

Am I able to spectate my child undertaking a session such as hockey or swimming?

Until further notice, spectators will no be permitted into the centre. All organisations based at our centre are aware of this and have been asked to work towards these guidelines. For activities ran by RSSC, parents and guardians will need to be remain on site i.e. your personal car.

I don’t feel well, what should I do?

If you feel unwell or have covid9 symptoms, please do not use the centre and stay at home. Please use the 111 NHS service for assistance.

What happens if a member of staff contract covid19?

We shall isolate the member or staff member. We will close the area for cleaning and keep you updated accordingly.

What do I do if another member is breaching the centre rules?

Please inform a member of staff.

When will you be lifting restrictions or reopening facilities?

We are following the government, PHE, UK Active, RLSS and all relevant sporting bodies guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. We will ease restrictions when we have been advised its safe to do so, we shall communicate any changes to you accordingly.