House Contact Details

All telephone numbers are prefixed with 01788. All e-mail addresses are


Hm: Mrs E L Sale
5 Barby Road, Rugby, CV22 5DT
Tel: 556 100
Email: bradley@

Hm: E E Trelinski
10 Hillmorton Road, Rugby, CV22 5DQ
Tel: 556 110
Email: cotton@

Hm: Dr L Milner
2a Hillmorton Road, Rugby, CV22 5DD
Tel: 556 120
Email: dean@

Hm: Mrs E A Robinson
8 Horton Crescent, Rugby, CV22 5DJ
Tel: 556 331
Email: griffin@

Hm: S Foulds
9 Barby Road, Rugby, CV22 5DX
Tel: 556 130
Email: kilbracken@

Hm: J C Evans
4 Hillmorton Road, Rugby, CV22 5DE
Tel: 556 230
Email: whitelaw@

Hm: T J Day
3 Hillmorton Road, Rugby, CV22 5DB
Tel: 556 140
Fax: 556 144
Email: michell@

Rupert Brooke
Hm: Miss K Hollings
16 Horton Crescent, Rugby, CV22 5DJ
Tel: 556 150
Fax: 556 154
Email: rbrooke@

School Field
Hm: R Dhanda
2 Barby Road, Rugby, CV22 5DR
Tel: 556 160
Email: schoolfield@

School House 
Hm: P K Bell
Lawrence Sheriff Street, Rugby, CV22 5EH
Tel: 556 170
Email: schoolhouse@

Hm: M A Monteith
7 Barby Road, Rugby, CV22 5DU
Tel: 556 180
Email: sheriff@

Hm: Mrs E M Beesley
10 Horton Crescent, Rugby, CV22 5DJ
Tel: 556 190
Email: southfield@

Hm: Mrs L M Hampton
3 Barby Road, Rugby, CV22 5DN
Tel: 556 200
Email: stanley@

Hm: A K Chessell
14 Horton Crescent, Rugby, CV22 5DJ
Tel: 556 210
Email: town@

Hm: Mrs D J Horner
4 Horton Crescent, Rugby, CV22 5DL
Tel: 556 220
Email: tudor@


COVID-19 Update

In view of the fast-moving situation regarding the impact of the COVID-19 virus, the Executive Leadership closed Rugby School and Bilton Grange sites from 18.00 on 17 March.

Plans are in place to teach students remotely until the leadership team is in a position to confidently re-open the School sites.