Students celebrate record breaking GCSE results

In the first year that all subjects have been numerically marked, more than a third of entries scored a 9, a grade only awarded to the very best students. An impressive 61.3 per cent of exam entries scored a 9 or an 8 (equivalent of the former A*).

These results reflect Rugby’s academic strength. The last five years of results are the best in the School’s history. In 2014 39 per cent of entries received an A*, for every year since then that figure or the numeric equivalent has been more than 50 per cent, but this year exceeded 60 per cent for the first time.

Last week’s outstanding A level results combined with these GCSE results confirm Rugby’s position as the leading boarding and day school in central England, and one of the most successful boarding and day schools in the country.

Rugby School’s belief that the whole person is the whole point is reflected in its approach to GCSEs with all students studying a broad and balanced curriculum. Its commitment to academic excellence across all aspects of School life has once again been demonstrated by the strength and consistency of results across all departments.

Particular highlights this year include strong results in the creative subjects with more than 80 per cent of all entries in Art, Drama, Music and Design receiving a 9 or an 8. English results were again exceptional with more than half of all grades scoring 9s. Biology was the leading science with more than 70 per cent 9 and 8s.

Three students achieved a clean sweep of 10 9s, while a further six students recorded nine 9s. A record-breaking 56 students achieved at least eight 9s and 8s, and two thirds of the year group achieved 8 7s or better.

Head Master, Peter Green, said: “I warmly congratulate this year group on their outstanding results. They are the first to take the reformed numeric GCSEs in all of their subjects. The syllabuses were larger and more demanding but they have risen to the challenge.

“I also extend my congratulations to the teachers who have worked exceptionally hard to master the intricacies of new exams while continuing to convey their love of their subjects to their classes.

“This is a year group which has achieved considerable academic success and have done much to enrich the cultural and sporting life of the School.”

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