Students celebrate School's best ever GCSE results

Rugby School’s students have achieved the School’s best ever GCSE results with an impressive 57 per cent of exam entries achieving an A*, a 9 or an 8.

These results illustrate the strong academic trajectory of the School. The last four years have seen the School’s best GCSE results, with well over half of all entries receiving an A* or the new numeric equivalent.

Rugby School’s belief that the whole person is the whole point is reflected in its approach to GCSEs with all students studying a broad and balanced curriculum. Its commitment to academic excellence in all aspects of school life has again been demonstrated by the strength and consistency of results across all departments.

Particular highlights this year include outstanding results in English with 57 per cent of English Language students achieving a grade 9, higher than an A* and only awarded to the very best candidates, while 84 per cent of students celebrated a 9 or an 8, the equivalent of an A*. In English Literature 48 per cent of students achieved a 9 and 76 per cent a 9 or an 8.

The sciences also enjoyed record-breaking results in their final year of alphabetic grading with 63 per cent of entries in Biology, Chemistry and Physics receiving A*s.

At a time when creative subjects at GCSE are under considerable pressure on a national level it was pleasing to see Rugby’s commitment to the creative subjects reflected in very strong results. Almost all students at Rugby take at least one of Art, Drama, Music or Design at GCSE, and well over half of all entries secured an A*.

Seven students achieved straights 9s in numerically graded subjects - an extraordinary achievement in the light of national statistics which suggest only around 1000 students achieved this.

Approximately half of the exams sat at Rugby this year were numerically  graded. A record-breaking 49 students achieved 8 A*s/9s/8s, and for a fourth year in a row more than 60 per cent achieved at least 9 A*s and As.

Head Master, Peter Green, said: “My warmest congratulations go to this year group on their exceptional GCSE results.

“They have taken the new more demanding syllabuses and new grading system in their stride producing the School’s best ever GCSE results, ably supported by our teachers who have adjusted superbly to demands of the new courses.

“They too deserve much credit for showing the intellectual agility to adapt so successfully to new challenges. I am also delighted to note our students achieved their results while simultaneously committing to Drama, Music and Sport and I very much look forward to seeing them continue to flourish in the Sixth Form.”

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