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Below you will find links to Rugbeian Society Promotions. This service is available to any Rugbeian who wishes to promote their businesses to the Rugbeian community. Promotions are limited to businesses which we believe might be of genuine interest to the members of the Rugbeian Society.Please send details of your news to Tracey at who will advertise in the monthly e-news bulletin and post on the web. Photographs to accompany your promotion would enhance it. We will reserve editorial discretion as to what we post on the website.  

Click here to read about the Oriental Club, London membership offer for Rugbeians.


Click here to read more on ordering an OR Blazer.

KT Roberts (D 04-09) has written a play 'Disconnect' (read more)


Rugby School are holding a festival this summer called Down on The Close (read more

Toby Messenger (Sh/T 90-95) & James C Brown Exhibition (read more)


Raymond Pelly (SH 52-56) has published 'Pilgrim to Unholy Places' (read more

Felicity Cloake's (RB 05-00) fourth cookbook The A-Z of Eating: A Flavour Map for the Adventurous Cook (read more).


David Coubrough (St 68-73) has published Half a Pound of Tuppeny Rice (read more).

Nics Wetherill (B 99-04) who is a doctor in the British Army and in 2017 will be leading a team of British Army women across the land mass of Antarctica, under their own power - Ex(ercise) ICE MAIDEN (read more).  


















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