Cattermull Cup 21 January 2017

The ORRTC are pleased to share the news that Rugby’s name will be on the Cattermull Cup as winners of the Public Schools Handicap Doubles tournament!

Richard Bray (M 58-63) and Oliver Buckley (W 67-71) have been a regular but unremarkable partnership in this annual fixture at Middlesex University for most of the last ten years and this year won all of our Group games on Saturday 21st January against Eton, Harrow 2 and The Leys School, progressing through to the Knock-out stages on Sunday 22nd, beating Marlborough in the quarter-finals, Harrow 1 in the semi-finals and Taunton in the final. Some pictures from the event are attached, please note the Rugbeian Society shirts.

The event was last won by Rugbeians Rupert Derham (T 01-06) and Hugh Pemberton (C 01-06) in 2014 and by Fred Satow (C 70-75) and Robin Geffen (K 71-75) in 2009.

A combination of rapier-penetrating, classic cut strokes from Richard Bray and the usual wild over-hitting from Oliver Buckley upset the opposition. They did not seem able to decide who to pick on since something bad was likely to happen whichever of us had to return the ball.

Oliver Buckley (W 67-71)