ORRTC v OMRTC at Lord's on 12 August 2017

Match results:  ORs won 4-3. All matches played as one, first-to-10-game set                                     

 R Bray /O Buckley  lost to  D Dickson/R Seymour-Mead  8-10
 R Montgomerie/R Irani     beat   D Watson/J Naylor 10-4
 C Fraser/D Jessel   beat     R Spender/D Reed-Felstead 10-5
 M Shellim/V Williams  lost to   S Bishop/A Bishop   9-10
 O Buckley/P Yates  beat   S Bishop/O Bishop   10-7
 M Lee-Warner/A Ridgwick  lost to  O Bishop/F Pole   0-4  (match conceded due to injury to AR)
 M Lee-Warner/P Yates  beat   O Bishop/F Pole   10-9


A very good day of tennis. The event took place on the 1839 court at Lord’s Cricket Ground to celebrate 450 years of Rugby School and 175 years of Marlborough School. We are told some other people were playing a different game at Lord’s on the same day, but that did not interfere with the tennis.

Buckley and Bray managed to crumble in the late going after leading their opponents 8-6, losing the last 4 games.

Shellim and Williams pulled back from 2-6 down to lead 9-8 but also crumbled in the late going.

Superb reactions from Montgomerie helped the ORs to victory in the second match. I would have to add that with a significant handicap difference between Watson and Naylor, the OMs were against conventional wisdom in playing mainly side to side instead of forward and back, but we did not feel it was our role to advise them.

Buckley filled in for a second match after Nigel Stafford had to withdraw from the squad with Achilles tendon problems a couple of days before the match, and Yates filled in for Ridgwick who also had to withdraw during his match with a calf muscle tear. This gave Yates (the ORs’ MVP for this season) the opportunity to increase his tally to Played 10, Won 10. Keep it up, Paul.

It was a particular pleasure to welcome Richard Montgomerie, Martin Lee-Warner and Adrian Ridgwick back to the ORRTC after long absences not only from ORRTC, but from the game. I hope they will all feel inspired to continue.

Oliver Buckley (W 67-71)
Hon. Sec.