ORRTC v Radley 13-10-18

The ORRTC played Radley on Saturday 13 October and lost 1-7

Oliver Buckley (W 67-71) Lost to Rupert Henson 3-8

Oliver Buckley & Richard Bray (M 58-62) Lost to Rupert Henson & Giles Fitzpatrick 5-8

Richard Bray & Fred Satow (C 70-75) Lost to Giles Fitzpatrick & Paul Kettle 3-8

Michael Firth (W 74-78) Lost to Justin Snoxall 7-8

Michael Firth & Miranda Coyne Lost to Justin Snoxall & Nick Gordon 5-8

Tim Bolton Carter (St 74-78) Lost to James McNicoll 3-6, 3-6

Miranda Coyne Lost to Nick Gordon 7-8

Fred Satow Beat Paul Kettle 6-5

There is often an adjustment made to handicaps for dealing with a court that is not ones “home court”. The more of an outlier the away court is, the more necessary this becomes.

I am not sure enough attention was paid to this point in calculating the handicaps in this match. Certainly it seemed that the ORs (none of whom plays at Radley) struggled with the bounce, the angle of the tambour and other factors in addition to struggling with our opponents. Hopefully I can impress this on our hosts before next year’s match.

Games were mostly played as a single set first to 8 games as everybody except Tim Bolton Carter played twice. Tim was given the consolation of a full match - best of 3 x 6-game sets.

During a lull in the play, when none of us was actually required playing Real Tennis, Tim, Fred and Oliver headed over to the Rackets court with Miranda’s husband James Coyne for a hit. He is one of the top players in the world, which was a privilege for us.

Fred Satow (last season’s MVP for the ORs) pulled off the only OR victory of the day to save us from the whitewash. Miranda Coyne (née Meades) and Michael Firth both came agonisingly close to winning their matches but were not quite able to clinch the final points.

Michael Firth enjoyed the opportunity to face his old sparring partner Justin Snoxall from Cambridge University days – they learned the game together and both played in the CURTC team.

Oliver Buckley (W 67-71)
Hon Sec.