ORRTC v Queen's Club 2 December 2016

Result ORs Won 5½ - 2½

Queen's Result ORRTC Score
Guy Adams (30) lost to Oliver Buckley (44) 6/4, 2/6, 0/1
Fred Pilkington (36) drawn Hugh Reed-Herbert (41) 10/10
Anthony Jenks (28) lost to Fred Satow (31) 2/14
Bernard Anscomb (47) & Dick Warner (48) lost to Paul Yates (50) & Michael Shellim (45) 4/12
Fred Pilkington (39) & Robert Allison (39) beat Dan Jessel (32) & Richard Bray (38) 8/6
Guy Adams (33) & Robert Allison (39) beat Dan Jessel (32) & Richard Bray (38) 10/7

Bernard Anscomb (47) & Adrian Mibus (48)

lost to Dick Warner (48) & Tony Penny (48) 7/9
Tony Penny (48) & Adrian Mibus (48) lost to Michael Shellim (45) & Dick Warner (48) 5/9


Oliver had a tough first match going to a sudden death third set against some very awkward serves from Guy. Hugh’s first match for the ORs went OK, although he did manage to let slip a 5-2 advantage. Paul and Michael made a good doubles pairing although some (on the Queen’s side) suggested that perhaps Dick’s obvious conflict of interest meant his heart was not fully on obtaining a win for Queen’s. Dan and Richard were keen to get in some practice for the over-70’s tournament at Leamington in the New Year which they have entered as a doubles pair. I hope they have benefited from the practice as their results seem to be the “outliers” from this particular match. Dick recovered some form in the later doubles matches, obviously fired up to be representing the side he was managing. An excellent dinner was provided by the Club including a generous wine allowance, which a few of us felt we ought to take advantage of, eventually leaving the Club as it closed.

Oliver Buckley (W 67-71)
Hon Sec