ORRTC V Radley College 15 October 2016

ORRTC played Radley College Club on 15 October and lost 1-5

Charles Fraser lost to Rupert Henson 2-8

Oliver Buckley lost to James Donger 2-8

Charles Fraser & Michael Shellim lost to Rupert Henson & Nick Stogdon 4-8

Richard Bray & Oliver Buckley lost to James Donger & Mark Maclure 7-8

Richard Bray & Michael Shellim lost to Mark Maclure & Nick Stogdon 5-8

Fred Satow beat James Mallinson 6-5, 6-4

An epic singles performance by Fred Satow saved the whitewash for us, although Oliver and Richard only lost their Doubles on a freakish mis-hit from 7-all, 40-all sudden death.

A couple of the early matches were played with no handicap adjustment for home-court advantage. This benefited the home side as Radley is not a very typical court and takes a bit of adjusting to – in fact Oliver reckoned he had got the measure of the net by the end of his singles match, but no other feature of the court. A substantial, varied and tasty lunch was provided by Maggie Henderson-Tew. Marking mainly by Chris Ronaldson was at a high standard and Fred and Oliver had the opportunity to see both Chris and Maggie later the same day at the Hampton Court prize-giving event.