Being part of Rugby’s thriving community is exciting, inclusive and full of possibilities.

Our teachers are as keen to devise fascinating clubs and activities to engage and feed inquiring minds as the pupils are to sign up for them.

A good co-curricular programme is not about simply filling time or bolt-ons to existing subjects, but more about creating enriching experiences that ignite a spark, lead to another question or nurture a quiet confidence.

It’s the chance to try something new, to challenge body and mind, to follow the ‘what-if’, to try, perhaps to decide it's not for you, but to be encouraged to explore another path.

There are always many options here and the doors are open to as much as any pupil may like to fit in. The energy is inspiring, the approach inclusive and the emphasis is on enjoying life, because at Rugby, the whole person is the whole point.

Click on the Co-Curricular brochure below to see all that is on offer: