Many parents want to see their child everyday, but also want that child to benefit from the breadth and depth of the Rugby School boarding experience and ethos.

Rugby two Day Houses, Southfield and Town, make the best of both worlds possible and achievable for  parents across the region. We believe that, in this part of the country, we offer our day pupils the best combination of academic achievement and co-curricular variety.

Our results in examinations go from strength to strength, our music is, without any exaggeration, nationally renowned. We play 35 sports, many of them competitively House versus House and us versus other schools. Southfield and Town House are not simply places for our students to drop their kit during the day. In fact, the reality could not be further from that. The Houses become the locus of School life and the focus of friendships.

Exactly the same levels of pastoral care, tutoring, the nurturing of individual talents are to be found in the day Houses as in the boarding Houses. Day education at Rugby really is something special that you simply cannot find elsewhere. We believe parents want a safe yet challenging pathway for their children. That is what we offer - a place to thrive for the bright, busy child. In small class sizes, in exceptional orchestras, on hallowed pitches, on stages of all sorts including the theatrical, your child will develop their sense of self and of purpose. They become themselves - the rounded, solid individual with the ballast of character and personality.

And that is why we say ‘At Rugby, the whole person is the whole point.’


The day Houses open at 7.30 am each full School day and all day pupils are registered by 8.10 am.  

At lunchtime, the whole House comes together when tutors and guests are always present at this semi-formal occasion.

Normally the Day Houses start to close around 6.30pm when the boarders have had tea and are about to start prep. However, the School runs a wide range of activities in the evening with the occasional compulsory event (for example, a key A Level lecture from an outside speaker or art life classes) and many voluntary events (e.g. society lectures or meetings, choir, etc.). If day pupils would like to stay on later, they can work in the House and tea can be provided - the Day Houses closing times are very flexible.

The School library is also open until 10pm on weekday evenings giving all pupils at the School somewhere to complete supervised study.


Extension plans are currently underway to increase the capacity of both our Day Houses in response to more and more parents wanting to take advantage of Rugby's excellent day pupil option.

Click below to read our new Day House Brochure and find out more about how to apply for a place.