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The House structure at Rugby is central to our strong sense of community. Ideas flourish best where they were originated and it was our inspired former Head Master, Dr Arnold, who initiated the boarding house system to ensure exceptional pastoral care and provide the ideal social environment in which young people could thrive.

House Experience

Much copied but never bettered, Rugby’s 200 years of ‘House’ experience has resulted in a genuine and uncompromised care plan which supports every single student.

There are now 15 Houses at Rugby, each with its own unique character, in different locations and of varying sizes, but all offering a true home away from home, a real family to which every pupil belongs and is rightly proud of.

The ethos at Rugby that the whole person is the whole point is undeniably apparent within a House structure which reflects the experience of our past and the plans for our future. The role of Housemaster or mistress as head of the ‘family’ is to create and maintain a happy and balanced home with the able support of their assistant and the Matron, who importantly are all resident. Totally committed to the well being of their young people, this nucleus of staff provides 24 hour care that is second to none.

Day Pupil at Rugby

'you play for your School, but die for your House'

'It would be hard to imagine the School without such a strong female presence'

Day Pupil at Rugby

Many parents want to see their child everyday, but also want that child to benefit from the breadth and depth of the Rugby School boarding experience and ethos.

Rugby’s two Day Houses, Southfield and Town, make the best of both worlds possible and achievable for parents across the region. We believe that, in this part of the country, we offer our day pupils the best combination of academic achievement and co-curricular variety.

Our results in examinations go from strength to strength, our music is, without any exaggeration, nationally renowned. We play 35 sports, many of them competitively House versus House and us versus other schools. Southfield and Town House are not simply places for our students to drop their kit during the day. In fact, the reality could not be further from that. The Houses become the locus of School life and the focus of friendships.

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Seven Day Week

Life in a boarding school is challenging, fun, hectic, stretching…. and, in reaching their potential, boys and girls need guidance, support and encouragement. As one of the top boarding schools in Britain, the general well-being of pupils is of paramount concern and importance.

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