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The House began life in 1836 and was named Cotton in 1931 after Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton, former Assistant Master of Rugby School, Master of Marlborough College and Bishop of Calcutta. It was requisitioned by the Armed Forces in 1941 and re-opened at the end of the war. A beautiful memorial by Poole Pottery stands over the fire place at the end of the dining room and is a reminder of the House's contribution in the First World War.

Cotton is, according to the boys, undoubtedly the friendliest House in the School and stands in a more residential part of the campus close to the Sports Centre and tennis courts. Originally a Georgian town house, Cotton has undergone several building phases giving it real character. During their first year in the House, the boys in Cotton sleep in two equally sized dormitories and work in individual studies downstairs. After that first year, every boy in Cotton enjoys their own individual study bedroom.

The House has a wonderful quad with floodlights and an artificial surface that allows year round games and activities. It has several Common Rooms as well as a cosy wood panelled tutor’s room and a large back garden. It is perhaps of the relationships between the boys which gives us the most pride. There is no sense of hierarchy and the boys mix amazingly well throughout the year groups.

Cotton boys are asked to consider others in our community, to respect them for their strengths and to help them in their weaknesses. The boys are contributors and people who will relish every challenge thrown at them, whether in the classroom or on the games field. Rugby School offers a huge range of activities and the boys in the House are doers rather than spectators.

Everyone in this community should feel that they have something to offer and should not be afraid to give of their all in whatever they do. We are very lucky in Cotton to have county sportsmen, academic scholars, Grade 8 musicians and fine actors. We are also fortunate to have boys who are none of the above but still strive for excellence in their own field.

Ed Trelinski took the helm as Housemaster of Cotton in September 2014. He arrived at Rugby in 2009 following four years spent working on the political campaign trail in Washington, D.C. and New Orleans. He teaches Politics and he has also taught History and the ‘People, Power & Wealth’ extended project qualification. Ed’s first two years at Rugby were spent as a tutor in Bradley before moving over to become the Deputy Housemaster in Cotton. Rugby is Ed’s passion and he greatly enjoys sharing his love for the game with the U16As, as well as coaching U15As cricket and U15Bs hockey. He is one of the School’s trained Designated Safeguarding Leads and he is Co-Chair of Governors at Stretton CofE Academy in Coventry. During the holidays, Ed is an avid traveller and he has led School trips to Honduras, Northern Ireland, the USA, Zambia and Malawi. When time permits, he can generally be found on top of a mountain in the Lakes. He is married to Sarah, who was Head of French at Rugby prior to the arrival of daughter, Ela.

Alex Burge joined Cotton House as Assistant Housemaster in September 2018 having previously tutored in both Sheriff and Griffin. He teaches Economic and Business to the sixth form and coaches three terms of major sport. A keen sportsman himself, Alex needs no excuse to display his competitive side, either on a staff side or on the back lawn of Cotton. He brings a wealth of experience in pastoral care having spent six years working at an American sleep-away camp in Pennsylvania. Outside School, Alex loves to travel as much as possible with recent trips including Israel, Singapore, Bali and The Azores.




Marie Clark joined Cotton as Matron in September 2013 after spending two years as the Assistant Matron in Kilbracken. She qualified as a nurse many years ago and later worked in schools as a special needs assistant and as a family support worker in a Rugby children’s centre. Marie enjoys reading and music and, whilst her tastes do not always chime with those of the boys, she enjoys expanding their horizons! She has three adult children, Liss, Jess and Callan.


The Rugby School community will physically re-unite in September. We are proud of our staff and students who have engaged in a full, virtual timetable enabling us all to flourish during this challenging time. Plans for a safe return of the whole School community will involve comprehensive risk assessments and a commitment to the BSA COVID-SAFE Charter. Find out more about our bespoke virtual visits and Open Days here