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School Field

School Field, 2 Barby Road, Rugby, CV22 5DR
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School Field, designed by George Gilbert Scott and built in 1852 overlooking the Close, became the first boarding House, apart from School House, actually to be owned by the School. It is also the House where Rupert Brooke lived as a child and took over from his father as Housemaster for a term. The House was redeveloped to change the accommodation available during 1997-98 and is being further redeveloped and modernised in the summer of 2014. School Field can accommodate up to 55 boys from the ages of 13-18.  All boys have their own study bedroom from the day that they arrive into School Field.  The house contains separate common rooms for the year groups as well as a mixed common room; these areas are equipped with TVs and a kitchenette each, and the boys use them to relax and socialise, away from the academic work that they fill their days with.  The House is well-known for its sporting prowess, and its proximity to the Close and NBS maintains the high level of Rugby football and cricket played by the boys.  The music schools and Macready Theatre are nearby and boys will often avail themselves of the chance to go and do extra music practice or to attend drama rehearsals.  The Library is also close to the House, which finds itself in a central position within the School.

Mindy Dhanda has a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from the University of Warwick, and joined the School in 2004.  Initially a tutor in Rupert Brooke House, he then spent five years as Assistant Hm in that House, before moving on to become Assistant Hm in Sheriff from 2010 onwards. Mindy teaches Chemistry throughout the age groups and has spent eight years as Master ic hockey, overseeing the running of both the boys’ and girls’ hockey programmes.  He has also been known to sing in the Choral Society, act (loosely speaking!) in School musicals and sing as part of a band or duet during the Arts Festival.



Alex Thomson joined Rugby in 2014 having previously taught at Tonbridge and King's College School, Cambridge. He became Assistant Housemaster in 2016 after spending two years in School Field as a tutor. Alex teaches Classics, where his particular interest is in linguistics, and enjoys leading and accompanying trips to ancient sites. He is a lover of all sports, especially cricket, for which he coaches the XI. During the holidays, he enjoys cycling and travelling in Europe. 




Zoe Bolton joined School Field in September 2017 and is already enjoying the position with every day bringing new and varied challenges. She is very much looking forward to caring for the boys and being an approachable, patient Matron, who is keen to build a relationship with the boys, supporting and encouraging them whilst being away from home.

Zoe was born in Rugby but has spent the last 14 years in Derbyshire and Lancashire where she owned and ran a florist shop and became part owner in a restaurant. In her spare time, Zoe enjoys travelling, spending time with friends and eating out. She has a daughter, Lauren, who is currently studying at University.