Southfield (Girls)

Southfield House, 10 Horton Crescent, Rugby, CV22 5DJ
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Day students at Rugby really have the best of both worlds. They can have a cooked breakfast with their tutor before walking to chapel with their friends, make themselves a cup of tea to take to their studies at break, eat lunch with the whole house in the dining room, socialise with friends in a common room or the garden, get help with prep from older girls in the house or one of the tutors, attend a society or lecture from a visiting speaker in the evening, all before going home for a good night’s sleep in their own beds. The opening of the RIBA nominated day complex in 2019 provides girls with 60 additional studies, a showpiece dining room and cosy common areas, while the elegant Victorian building remains at the heart of the Southfield. Jocelyn said “The House is open from 7 am until 10 pm six days a week and between those hours offers an experience identical to the boarding houses. Of course, not all girls stay until 10 pm every night, but by their very nature, Southfield Girls are eager to take advantage of the myriad opportunities on offer, and they thrive at Rugby.”  Southfield girls are gifted and their talents are featured throughout the school. Most play sport to a very high standard, others are exceptional musicians or talented actresses. Many Southfield Girls are highly accomplished across a range of disciplines and all girls immerse themselves fully in the life of this busy school.  Academically, Southfield is a tour de force, with Girls moving onto study the most rigorous courses at the most prestigious universities. Many of the girls hold academic awards and bursaries, even apart from the Foundationerships. There are Music Scholars in every year, plus several Sports Scholars, and Speech Day is a festival of approbation and success.   As Housemistress of Southfield, Jocelyn says her aim is to inspire the girls to pursue their passions, to be proud to work hard to achieve their goals and to act with kindness and empathy.  Each girl has a tutor from the eleven-strong tutorial team including Hettie Burrows our Assistant Housemistress and teacher of Economics and Business. The role of a tutor is a very important one. They support the girls academically and pastorally. Every girl sees her tutor regularly at lunch times and for a weekly tutorial, this may be on an individual basis or in a group. The pastoral system is strong and thriving in Southfield and the girls have a good relationship with their tutors. Southfield also has two matrons, Lynda Masters and Stacey Humphries who care for the girls’ day to day needs as well as being another friendly face to whom the girls can talk.  Jocelyn said: “The Girls think of Southfield as their home away from home and are committed to developing and protecting the community they value so highly.  As well as being ambitious, competitive and highly successful, they are also unpretentious, welcoming and incredibly kind.” 


Previously a member of the senior leadership team at King Edward's School in Birmingham and Head of Mathematics at Warwick School, Jocelyn joined Rugby school in 2020.  She has taught Mathematics, Economics and Theory of Knowledge and provided support for students applying to Oxbridge.  Born in America, the UK has been Jocelyn’s home since she was 13 and she attended The Cheltenham Ladies' College as a day girl before studying at MIT and Cambridge for her undergraduate degree and later at Oxford for her Masters. She lives at Southfield with her husband, Andy, their three young sons, and their cockerpoo Watson.  When not in the classroom, Jocelyn enjoys baking, tennis, Monopoly and spreadsheets. She likes Disney World more than an adult ought to and is profoundly grateful to have the best job in the school.

Hettie joined Rugby in 2018 as a teacher of Economics and Business. She read Land Economy at Cambridge University before completing her PGCE here at Rugby. During her time here, she has been a tutor in Stanley House and heavily involved in coaching senior team sports. As a keen sportswoman, she has represented her county in both hockey and cricket, played competitive tennis and completed three marathons. In her spare time, Hettie likes to spend time in Devon, where she grew up, and to travel abroad.