Southfield (Day)

Southfield House, 10 Horton Crescent, Rugby, CV22 5DJ
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Southfield opened as the day girls’ House at Rugby School in September 1993. Before that, it was a Sixth Form boarding House for girls, and in 2005, it moved across the road to a House previously known as Sunnyside.

A beautiful Victorian building, the House with its new extension is situated in a lovely garden and provides ideal conditions for work and play. A sixth form annexe has also just opened across the road. As Housemistress of Southfield, Lizzie Beesley says her aim is to do the very best for the girls, academically and socially, and to ensure that particular needs of individuals are met. Southfield girls are extraordinarily gifted in all areas of School life. They play sport to a very high standard, musically they set the tone for the rest of the School, and dramatically, they are creative and lively.

Academically, Southfield is a tour de force. In 2009, seven of the Schools’ 28 successful Oxbridge candidates came from Southfield, and many of the girls hold academic awards and bursaries, even apart from the Foundationerships. There are Music Scholars in every year, plus several Sports Scholars, and Speech Day is a festival of approbation and success. Lizzie said: "For me, however, prizes and trophies in School terms are secondary to the more important qualities which I hope Southfield will foster. I take it as read that these will be the most successful girls in the School; the more challenging part to achieve is that they are happy, good citizens who will give as much as they take from the School and leave here feeling they can pursue whatever they desire. I want Southfield girls to be leaders and personalities, individuals who can inspire and be terrific people."

Each girl has a tutor and the tutorial team consists of: Sally Phillips our Assistant Housemistress and teacher of ceramics in the Design School; Andrew Fletcher, who is Head of English; Adrian Bradbury, Head of Photography; his wife Alison Bradbury, who is a member of the Art Department; Andy Davey, Head of Woodwind and a new tutor in Southfield; Omar Gardner, a Physicist and new teacher on the staff in 2014 and finally, Lisa Greatwooda part-time tutor in Southfield having returned from a sabbatical year in Australia in 2013. Lisa is the School’s Assistant Chaplain and a Biologist.

The role of a tutor is a very important one. They support the girls academically and pastorally. Every girl sees her tutor regularly at lunch times and for a weekly tutorial, this may be on an individual basis or in a group. The pastoral system is strong and thriving in Southfield and the girls generally have a good relationship with their tutors. Southfield also has a Matron, Trisha Norton and a Deputy, Margaret Gurnett who covers Trisha’s day offThey care for the girls’ day to day needs as well as being another friendly face to whom the girls can talk.

Lizzie said: "As a day pupil at a boarding school, I believe the girls have the best of both worlds. They have, at their disposal, a full range of excellent facilities in all areas of School life. They can become involved in whichever extra-curricular activities they choose. The girls are expected to arrive at School by 8.10 a.m. at the very latest. They then enter exactly the same school day as the boarders. The real difference between them and boarders happens in the evening. When the boarders go into their Houses to have tea and do their prep, the day pupils go home to do exactly the same thing. However, Southfield is also accessible in the evening for the girls to stay late in order to attend lectures, evening classes, rehearsals and social events. On Saturdays, for example, the House eats supper together before the girls get ready to go out in the evenings. Day pupils are expected to come to whole School Chapel services and parents are very welcome to join us for worship on these occasions."

Lizzie Beesley started her Rugby career in January 1995 coming from St. Paul’s to be Assistant Head. She was also a tutor in Southfield throughout this time, before leaving in 1999 to be Head of King Alfred School in Hampstead. Lizzie returned to Rugby in 2002 to teach English. Her children, Augusta, is a former Southfield girl, and Theo started in Town House in 2014. Lizzie took on the House in January 2004 and says she loves her job. In 2006 she married Ed Beesley, who was then Housemaster of School Field. They moved back into Southfield in 2014 and Ed continues to teach History.