Learning Development

Our aim is to ensure that all pupils achieve their full potential and overcome any challenges they may experience with their learning. We provide for pupils with a range of learning difficulties and those whose first language is not English, tailoring support to their needs.

We offer a range of levels of support for pupils including:

  • Several lessons per week in place of one subject option in a small group (maximum size 5)

  • Individual weekly sessions with Learning Development support teachers

  • Individual support sessions for pupils who request help for specific difficulties they are experiencing.

Working in our well-equipped rooms, teachers will use a wide range of resources, including computer software such as ClaroRead, Dragon voice recognition system and mind-mapping programmes, alongside more traditional books and materials, to help pupils develop their learning, and particularly their literacy skills.

Classroom teachers also have regular INSET training to enable them to provide for pupils with learning difficulties in their classroom and teachers are kept informed of the strengths, needs and strategies they can use to provide for each pupil.

Our referral system means teachers, parents, tutors or pupils can request assessments and support. The assessment may identify a specific learning difficulty and the pupils might be referred on to have further assessments with an Educational Psychologist, with a view to having Access Arrangements for examinations or identify the support a pupil needs to enable them to achieve their potential.

The support we offer also includes English as a Foreign Language, as well as Specific Learning Difficulties. The Learning Development staff work with pupils to develop their English, also offering the classroom teachers advice on how to provide for these pupils. Some pupils sit their IELTS examinations here before moving into a British university.

Our pupils with specific learning difficulties and ESL do very well in external exams and gaining places at the top universities. Mrs Louise Stevenson, the Head of Learning Development, is very happy to discuss any enquiries or concerns with parents or prospective parents.


Mrs L.J.E. Stevenson, L.L.B., Dip.Sp.L.D. (Head of Learning Development)

Mrs A.L. Cunningham-Batt, M.A., OCR Cert., Sp.L.D.

Mrs B. Green, M.A., M.Ed., P.G.C.E.