Rugby School holds Ted talks each term, primarily but not exclusively for our Sixth Formers. 

These fit strongly with the School’s aim of encouraging pupils to pursue their intellectual development by thinking outside the constraints of a given exam syllabus, exploring their own interests and pushing themselves to formulate their own thoughts on a self-developed theme. 

Ted talks have the added bonus of emphasising imaginative and engaging presentation, so that pupils confront the various challenges of presenting new ideas under time constraint, without the luxury of being ‘dull’.

 The results so far have been outstanding. Both boys and girls from Year 12 upwards, as well as members of staff, gave talks last year on subjects as varied as ‘What is Art for?’, ‘Reminiscence and Media: A Child’s Perspective’, ‘Mitochondria and IVF treatment’, ‘The Joy of Puzzles’ , ‘Nature or Nurture’ and ‘The Multiverse Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.’

Both presenters and audience benefit enormously from these very stimulating and stretching experiences, which are now a major part of the Sixth Form experience at Rugby.


The Rugby School community will physically re-unite in September. We are proud of our staff and students who have engaged in a full, virtual timetable enabling us all to flourish during this challenging time. Plans for a safe return of the whole School community will involve comprehensive risk assessments and a commitment to the BSA COVID-SAFE Charter. Find out more about our bespoke virtual visits and Open Days here