Aims of Rugby School Chemistry Department

  1. To promote an understanding and knowledge of chemistry to all pupils such that they are aware of the importance and usefulness of chemistry in everyday life.
  2. To give pupils an understanding of chemistry, and to encourage safe practice when handling chemicals, through practical work in the laboratory.
  3. To stimulate a curiosity, interest and enjoyment in chemistry and to share our enjoyment for the subject through lively teaching, discussions and demonstrations.
  4. To develop skills that are relevant to the study, practice and application of science and which will be useful in everyday life.
  5. To provide training in intellectual and analytical skills for pupils who may not study chemistry further. (The body of knowledge coupled with the complex relationships it entails can stretch even the ablest intellect in search of explanation and solution).
  6. To prepare pupils for public examinations in chemistry at both GCSE and A Level and to encourage pupils to pursue further studies involving science.