Extended Projects

The Extended Project is a new qualification which allows students to pursue research based projects in a range of subject areas. The qualification is equivalent in demand and UCAS points to half of an A Level, and is graded A* to E. Outcomes from project work can include dissertations, investigations, performances or artefacts. The Extended Project has been welcomed by leading universities, which value the emphasis which it places on the development of skills in analytic thought, independent learning, extended writing and presentation. Rugby has played a major role in pioneering the Extended Project nationally.

At Rugby, the model for the Extended Project Qualification comes from the successful 'Perspectives on Science' AS Level, a course in the history, philosophy and ethics of science, which has formed a prototype for the Extended Project. Students take part in seminar discussions which address themes from science, ethics and philosophy, then select a research question which they develop into a dissertation, under the guidance of a research supervisor. At the end of the course, students are asked to present their research to a group of their peers and two teacher-assessors and answer questions.

Rugby now offers Extended Project courses using the Perspectives model, in different subject areas, including People, Power and Wealth, Culture and Identity and Engineering Technology.

There is a termly Philosophy Society meeting, at which leading philosophers such as Professor Simon Blackburn and Professor AC Grayling have spoken.

Rugby also hosts the ‘Philosophy Zone’, a partnership programme between the School and other sixth forms. Students from local and regional schools visit Rugby for support with their Extended Projects. Student conferences are also part of this programme.