The aim of the Mathematics Department is to help all pupils understand and appreciate the elegance, as well as the utility, of the subject. There have been impressive recent advances in software development and interactive whiteboard technology that we use extensively in our teaching; at the same time we are clear that confidence in Mathematics must be built on the firm foundations of basic numeracy and algebra skills.

The Department is one of the largest in the School, with more than half of the Sixth Form entry taking some form of Mathematics. We are proud of our strong uptake and excellent results at A level in Mathematics (Edexcel) and Pre U Further Mathematics (CIE). In the Lower School, pupils are set by ability after the first term - all follow the Edexcel International GCSE (IGCSE) specification at Higher Tier level. In addition, the top two sets follow the OCR Additional Mathematics specification. This provides an excellent background for pursuing Mathematics and Further Mathematics at a higher level.

Whilst we have many talented mathematicians, we realize that some pupils find the subject very demanding. As a consequence, sets in the Lower School may vary in size significantly. In the F Block we also offer an Extra Mathematics option for those who need to reinforce basic arithmetic and algebra skills. Twice each week there is a ‘clinic’ for extra help or reassurance.

We believe we provide an environment conducive to all of our pupils achieving their potential in Mathematics, be it a grade C at IGCSE to enable University entrance through to STEP level success for admission into Cambridge.

A large number of pupils are entered each year for national competitions, the most successful qualifying for the British Mathematical Olympiads. Our very keenest pupils are given dedicated guidance, following the Mentoring Scheme provided by the United Kingdom Mathematical Trust (UKMT) at Junior, Intermediate and Senior level. Each year, a fiercely contested House Challenge runs over a period of weeks culminating in a nerve jangling finale.

The Dodgson Society, named after the eminent Old Rugbeian Mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (better known as Lewis Carroll) meets at least once each term to hear an invited speaker on a mathematical topic.

Pupils in the Sixth Form have the opportunity to teach Mathematics at a local secondary school or to help at a Primary Maths Club. Even the Arts Festival at the end of the summer term offers ‘outdoor’ Mathematics for those brave enough to be involved.