Modern Languages - Our 'Green' Flagship

Rugby School's Modern Languages building is on target to achieve an 'excellent' green rating from world environmental assessors BREEAM.

The building follows a strict sustainability strategy covering all aspects of environmental excellence, from health and well-being to ecology.

‘BREEAM’ is the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings and this new School centre is likely to be one of the UK’s few buildings to achieve an 'excellent' rating. 

The assessment began at the initial planning stage and checks continued right through the early stages of how the building is used.

Main areas of focus have been sustainability, ecology, energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, health and well-being, as well as the indoor environment.

Its impressive ‘green’ technologies include the following:

  • Air source heat pumps to provide heating energy

  • A 'green' roof planted with native species

  • Breathable building technology to control ventilation

  • Solar shading to control heat gain from the sun

  • Extremely high levels of insulation

  • 98 per cent of waste material during construction recycled and not sent to land fill

The Estates Department involved the School community in the project and potential architecture pupils followed the entire process including attending progress meetings with staff and the construction team.

Click here to access the sustainability slide presentation from the project.