Physical Education makes an important contribution to the education and physical development for pupils. Within the boundaries of A level Physical Education and Sport, all pupils have the opportunity to experience the values and qualities that can be utilised in adult life. The development of an individual’s physical, mental and social development are all features that are experienced within the domain of the subject.

By channelling these experiences in a positive way, all boys and girls who opt for Physical Education in the sixth form can benefit from the contribution that it brings to their overall education. It is clear that all young people need to explore various physical & psychological challenges in a variety of different environments. Rugby School’s Physical Education programme aims to promote these characteristics within the framework of the A Level Syllabi.

The major contribution and importance of Physical Education is facilitated not only through the pupils’ curriculum time, but also the extensive range of sport and extracurricular activities that take place throughout the week. In this way pupils who wish are able to devote more time to their chosen activity, either to improve their skills and techniques with high level coaching, or purely as recreation on a regular basis.

By offering an extensive range of activities for A level assessment, the department actively encourages boys and girls to develop their potential throughout both their AS and A2 course.

The OCR course is open to pupils who are enthusiastic about the subject and are willing to work hard. A certain degree of ability in Sport is necessary, but a great deal of interest and personal motivation is essential. Practically, pupils must be of a relatively high standard in at least two sports, (one individual and one team). A wide range of activities will be covered throughout the course and pupils will be expected to take two of these to a higher performance level through in-depth analysis, working upon specific technique and extensive practice.

The written components should not be underestimated. The course is a testing one which requires a dedicated approach.