• To introduce students to the wealth of image making since photography’s early days through to the diversity of contemporary image making.

  • Give students an understanding of the creative process and the historical context in the way images are created.

  • Introduce a variety of image making methods using traditional & digital techniques.

  • Consider the ordinary and making something extraordinary out of it.

  • Extend creative thinking, exploring ideas and experimentation beyond the obvious.

  • Develop a sound understanding of the issues, surrounding photography.




Two-year Cambridge Pre-U Lens-based Imagery/Photography, made up of three parts:

  1. The Portfolio which consists of experimental work, short and medium length projects, series of outcomes, sketchbooks documenting research & development.

  2. The Personal Study - an illustrated 3000 word in-depth study looking at an aspect of photographic history, practice to be agreed via a written proposal with Cambridge Pre U.

  3. The Project - externally set assignment, combining by Cambridge Pre U.


We are pleased to have worked with Microsoft to introduce the fantastic new Microsoft Surface computers into our work. Click here to watch it