Our aim is to promote the happiness and well-being of our pupils. PSHE, interwoven with the curriculum and delivered through small group discussions and lectures, is an important strand in the pastoral life of the School.  Our goal is to encourage in pupil’s sufficient understanding to develop as rounded, fulfilled individuals and as responsible citizens. Our programme is varied and sensitive to changing social pressures and individual needs.

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Each week the F Block pupils meet in their House group for about forty-five minutes with a PSHE Tutor. The Tutor is usually a member of staff, staff spouse or someone who knows the School well, who enjoys getting to know the pupils and who is skilled in group work. The Tutor sees the whole year group together and maintains contact with them throughout the F, E and D Blocks. The sessions follow a formal Scheme of Work, which covers a wide range of topics including risk, relationships, diversity, healthy lifestyles, change, loss and financial capability. Pupils also attend whole year group presentations on Road Safety and Healthy Eating during the year.

In the E Block, a specialist from the Warwickshire Young Persons Substance Misuse Service comes in to speak to the pupils for two sessions during the Advent Term, again in their House groups. These sessions are followed by meetings with their PSHE Tutor.

The D Block pupils attend presentations on Relationships and on Alcohol Awareness during the year, given by outside speakers, which are then followed up by their PSHE Tutor. They can also meet to talk through any pressures of this particular year with their PSHE Tutor on an on-going basis.

PSHE education at Rugby is a group-based activity, and all members of the LXX will have 15 weekly sessions with their Tutor in groups of between eight and ten pupils. The Tutor may again be a member of the teaching staff or someone who has a close association with the School. Pupils also attend a whole year group presentation on Alcohol Awareness.

Each tutor group will discuss and explore a wide range of topics as outlined in the Scheme of Work, including risk management, relationships, healthy lifestyles, stress minimisation and personal finance.

The Tutors are led by the Head of Department who maintains regular contact with them and organises meetings at which members of the department discuss good practice, exchange materials and ideas, and share experience. The Head of Department also arranges for outside speakers to deliver INSET to tutors and to speak to pupils.

The XX attend an informal university preparation evening in house groups, during which returning ORs or recent graduates speak to them about coping with the practical and emotional aspects of life at university. They also attend formal presentations on Safe Driving and Drug and Alcohol Awareness.

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Miss.L.J. Greatwood, B.Sc., Dip. Min., P.G.C.E. (Head of Department)