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Coaching at Rugby School

‘Whole Person Whole Point’ is Rugby School’s defining statement of fundamental intent, which generates formidable impact upon both individual and community; unleashing its true power demands the open, holistic approach of coaching.

Coaching is at the heart of Rugby School because in the quest for being well, we mobilise our hidden, creative strengths and realise that there are no limits. Coaching facilitates empowerment, response-ability, and a constant quest for fulfillment, which means our personal and institutional objectives will not only be met, year on year, but will keep on growing, organically and purposefully.

Below are the School’s 10 principles and goals which underpin our emphasis upon coaching as a vital part of education here:

1. Whole Person Whole Point
2. Self-management
3. Authenticity
4. Curiosity
5. Empowerment
6. Partnership
7. Growth
8. A Learning Community
9. Fulfillment
10. The Power of Humanity