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A true 'home from home'

Much copied but never bettered, Rugby’s 200 years of ‘House’ experience has resulted in a genuine and uncompromised care plan which supports every single student.

There are now 15 Houses at Rugby, each with its own unique character, in different locations and of varying sizes, but all offering a true home away from home, a real family to which every pupil belongs and is rightly proud of.

In-House dining brings the ‘families’ together three times a day. The whole House eats breakfast, lunch and dinner together every day. This important element at Rugby fosters community spirit and a strong loyalty to the House.

In addition to the core resident staff are a non-resident matron and five or six tutors – teachers who are assigned to further support a small group of students each – both pastorally and academically, formally and informally.

Each tutor is House-based and part of the wider family group, sharing information to ensure there is always comprehensive knowledge of each student within their case.