Examination Results and University destinations

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We are proud of our students’ examination results and are pleased to publish them. However, we do not authorise the publication of our results in media-driven league tables.

League tables do not show stories of personal progress and success. Nor do they measure the benefits that Music, Sport, Drama, Service and numerous other activities bring to an all-round education.

Leavers Destinations

In 2024, 14 Rugby School students were offered places at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

The nine students who received places at Oxford and the five at Cambridge will study a wide range of courses including Music, Engineering, Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE), Medicine, French, Biomedical Sciences, Land Economy and Computer Science. We are delighted that five of those who have been awarded an offer come from our cohort of 28 students who are taking the IB Diploma.

Rugby School’s new Scholars’ Pathway programme offers enhanced Oxbridge support headed up by Dr Andy Davies and Dr Thomas Smith, Keepers of the Scholars and Heads of Oxbridge.

The majority of students from Rugby School go on to the best universities in the UK and across the world. Others choose excellent specialist courses or degree apprenticeships.


Left: Proportion of students attending tier 1 and 2 in the most recent year.

Right: Applications over time.

University rankings are notoriously difficult to navigate. To assist our students, we consider those institutions that consistently feature in the top 10 across the Good University, Times, Guardian and QS World university rankings to be Tier 1, those in the top 20 are Tier 2 and those in the top 35 Tier 3.
We also offer an excellent Oxbridge preparation program for those students that demonstrate the attitude and aptitude to make a credible application. Support includes weekly mentoring in the Oxbridge Tutorial style, weekly extension work and designated weekly preparation time alongside a serries of mock entrance tests and interviews.
For those interested in applying to North American Universities, or Head of North American Universities working with UES supports the process of research and application. A growing number of our students look to the US or Europe every year as well as making application through UCAS. Some examples of the range and variety of our leavers’ destinations can be seen below.


Tier 1 Tier 2
1-15 16-30
Bath Royal Holloway
Cambridge Leeds
Durham Aberdeen
Loughborough Dundee
Oxford Newcastle
St Andrews Southampton
Imperial York
LSE Birmingham
Warwick Manchester
Lancaster UEA
Glasgow Cardiff
Bristol Liverpool
Exeter Nottingham
Total Students 93 Total Students 33


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