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Our team, led by the Admissions Registrar, Guy Steele-Bodger, is here to help with your application, please do call us or email about any questions you have.


13+ boarding visits, open days and Scholarships

If your enquiry is about a 13+ boarding entry visit, 13+ boarding open days or a 13+ Scholarship application, please contact:

Sharon Mabey – 01788 556274


13+ boarding application process

If you would like help with a 13+ boarding entry application or the assessment procedure, please contact:

Michelle Humphrey – 01788 556275


13+ day entry visits, applications, Foundation Awards and the Arnold Foundation

If your enquiry is about 13+ day entry visits, applications and assessment, Foundation Awards or the Arnold Foundation, please contact:

Becky Witcomb – 01788 556267


16+ entry visits, open days and applications

If you would like more information about 16+ entry visits, our open days, applications or assessment, please contact:

Claire Shrimpton – 01788 556276


For prospectus enquiries, registration and 13+ boarding visits

If you would like to request a prospectus, register
a place, or organise a 13+ boarding visit, please contact:

Bernie Frampton – 01788 556115


Our correspondence address is:

Admissions Office, Rugby School, Temple House,
1 Barby Road, Rugby CV22 5DW