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William Webb Ellis, the boy who ‘with a fine disregard for the rules, first took the ball in his arms and ran with it’ was a member of Town House. That ‘go for it’ spirit remains among the Town boys today and they are keen to rise to a challenge.

In fact, a talented and committed group, they make the most of every opportunity and you can find Town boys at the heart of our School’s artistic, sporting, and musical life.

A hugely popular House, it is the largest in the School, with just over 100 ambitious boys, who are at the same time respectful and supportive of their peers. It is an inclusive, friendly place full of fun and laughter, where lifelong friends are made, and impressive academic results are achieved that lead to first-class life opportunities.


Andrew Chessell joined Rugby School as Director of Drama in 2012 after eight years at Uppingham School where he was both Head of Department and a senior tutor in a boys’ house. He has previously worked for the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal Opera House and the National Theatre. He has an MSc. in Educational Leadership, and whilst at Rugby, he has been a tutor in both Dean and School Field. In 2016, he became Rugby School’s first Artistic Director and helped oversee the inaugural Festival on The Close in 2017. Later that year he was delighted to be appointed the Housemaster of Town. A keen sportsman, he has run several marathons, most recently London in 2021, and he still regularly leads school ski trips to both Europe and North America. He is married to Rachel, an Associate Professor in Education, and they have two sons.

Deputy Housemaster

Matthew Cuff arrived at Rugby as a teacher of Graphics, Art and Photography in 2019, having taught for a number of years at schools across the Midlands. Originally from Dorset, Matthew studied in Bath before continuing onwards in a northerly direction to train as a teacher at the University of Warwick.

Before his appointment to DHm, Matthew tutored boys in Town House – this was followed by two years as a Kilbracken tutor, a brief but pleasant side quest.

Matthew is a passionate outdoorsman and a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award assessor. He is active across the School, coaching rugby, hockey and football with enthusiasm.

Matthew’s other passion is drama, having previously taught the subject. He is often involved in Co-curricular drama and leads the Primary Theatre Rugby 360 group.

He is married to Emily, also a local teacher, and has two young sons.

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