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Whole Person

Leading in Education

As one of the top academic schools in Britain, teaching and learning is at the core of what we do.

Students at Rugby have the benefit of fantastic educational facilities and highly qualified staff teaching GCSE, A Level and the IB Diploma.  They learn what is needed to prepare fully for public examinations but, more than that, they develop a love of learning which stays with them long after they have left the School. We set high expectations, not only in terms of their work ethic but also in terms of their intellectual ambition. Students aim high and our record of university success is proof of this.

Whole Point

Our students are prepared for university life and the world beyond. The opportunities available here at Rugby enable them to know themselves, to lead and to face challenges with a quiet confidence.

A real and genuine passion for learning and teaching permeates each and every one of our departments. Rugby teachers are engaged in significant and continuous professional development themselves to ensure they and their students benefit from the latest educational ideas and advancements. Some choose to study for Master’s degrees or PhDs alongside their teaching commitments; others are authors and many are volunteers both in the UK and abroad.

Our key focus is to enable every member of every department to constantly evaluate their teaching skills to offer the very best educational experience for every student. It’s about educating the whole person – teacher and learner.



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