Today, our pupils continue to enjoy the provision of an all-inclusive, yet high-quality, Sports programme. We offer a broad range of sporting opportunities, with a carefully nurtured balance between performance and participation. The most able sportswomen and men have every encouragement and support to achieve excellence, and we are seeing a number of current and former pupils in National teams at present. Balancing this pursuit of excellence, our ethos is that all pupils should represent the School in a competitive fixture during the year, whatever their ability or enthusiasm.

The main sports sessions are on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons when all pupils are involved.  Additional time is available for pupils in A & B teams to prepare for their School matches.

Pupils in the F and E Blocks (Year 9 and 10) are expected to play the Major Sport in each term. Pupils in the D Block (Year 11) and above may choose from a wider range of options including the Major Sports, Minor Sports and recreational games. The Major Sports options for girls and boys are as follows:






Advent Term


Rugby Football

Lent Term





Trinity Term









Minor Sports options involve fewer pupil numbers than the Major Sports. Our Minor Sports options include badminton, basketball, clay pigeon shooting, cross country, fencing,  Fives, golf, polo, rackets, rifle shooting, Rugby 7’s, sailing, squash, swimming and triathlon.

We also offer a programme of recreational sports for Upper School pupils, which include aerobics, dance and volleyball. There are also activities offered as clubs including ballet, dance, fencing, gymnastics, riding, rifle shooting and tai chi.

Our high quality coaching is delivered by a mix of full-time teachers and part-time professional coaches. They bring with them wide experience of playing and coaching our Major and Minor Sports at representative or International level.

Every encouragement is given to talented sports players to realise their full sporting potential whilst at School, and to achieve representative honours. Recent former pupils have gone on to careers in professional cricket, hockey and rugby football. Most of our Major Sports and some Minor Sports, organise tours within the UK or overseas that help to widen the sporting and cultural experience of the pupils and staff involved. Recent tours have included hockey and netball to Australia, rugby football to Canada and Japan, cricket to Sri Lanka and Dubai.

Each year Rugby School awards a number of Sports Scholarships for entry at both 13+ (Year 9) and 16+ (Year 12). Further information can be obtained under the Admissions section and please click here for our Sports Scholarship Leaflet.  Contact can also be made with our Director of Sport (Debbie Skene) via